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Women's Hope House

First, our women's home/scholarship program, Lupita's Hope House. The purpose of this home is to offer a place of refuge and community for young women in need of hope and opportunity. Young women who live in the campo (out in the country in small villages) suffer from one of the highest incest and abuse rates in the world. Between the extreme poverty, and the very limited access to decent schools, most young women end up dropping out of school and becoming pregnant between 13-16 years of age. Eventually, the young woman and her child, are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. (The abandonment rate being around 80-90 percent, depending on the area.) The lack of education, and the fact that they are left, single moms, puts them in a very high risk of abuse, as a result of desperation. They find themselves willing to compromise a healthy relationship for the sake of food and a roof over their heads.

This is where Hope House comes in. Our home offers a family, a community of young women who live together, work together and grow together. We desire to see women empowered by the truth of their value to God. We offer an opportunity for women to finish their education and continue on to pursue their dreams through a university education, or job skills training, depending on what their goals are. We desire to see the women grow in their relationship with God, using one-on-one discipleship and group bible studies as a means to accomplish this. We also offer counseling/therapy to women who have experienced abuse in any form. Parenting and life skills training is also an important part of our program. Empowerment through education is our core philosophy at Hope for Families Foundation.



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