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Daughter Project Girl's Club

In the spring of 2016, we began a project named The Daughter Project Girls Club. God has given us a vision to reach girls between the ages of 8-15 with the empowering truth that their value is not their bodies, but, in the person of worth that God has created them to be.

Our desire is to reach young girls at this impressionable age, before the pervasive cultural norms have reached into their hearts convincing them that finding a man to ‘love' them is the only way to survive. They become convinced that the way to do this, is to give themselves away sexually, eventually becoming pregnant and giving birth to that man's children, in hopes that he will stay and take care of them. With an abandonment rate of 80-90 percent, we can see that this isn't working. Along with this, as I mentioned before, incest is practiced at alarming rates, with a shockingly acceptable attitude towards it in families. "I had to endure it, so do you." We want to teach girls the truth. We want to empower them with education. They are MORE than their bodies! We want to teach them what real love is.

Most importantly, our foundation will be the Word of God, weaving biblical truth through everything that we do. The curriculum that we are using is called Inner Beauty, and has been developed by Global Family Network. They are currently using this curriculum with great success in Nepal and in the United States to help empower girls to not become victims of sex trafficking. We have been given the opportunity to be a part of bringing The Daughter Project curriculum into Latin America. We are translating it into Spanish and making it culturally relevant to Latin American countries. We are very excited to be a part of bringing this life-changing material into El Salvador, where we so desperately need it.  We currently have three clubs that are meeting in rural communities and we hope to expand them throughout the country and beyond.

Specifically, we see the girls club, and the women's homes/scholarship program as a complete holistic ministry to women in El Salvador. With the girl's club, we are empowering girls with truth, and giving them tools to help them mature in all areas of their lives, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Our desire is to help the girls learn to dream and to hope and strive for a better future. With our women's home/scholarship program, we can offer those girls something to work towards. Not only giving them hope, but, providing the opportunity they need to put feet to their dreams.

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