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Lupita's Hope House

Our first project is Lupita's Hope House, and is focused on encouraging young women who are caught in the cycle of poverty, abuse and desperation and are need of hope and a future. We are a Christ-centered foundation that will offer opportunities for education, training, counseling and mentoring that will encourage healthy and true transformation.

Daughter Project Girl's Club

Our second project is the Daughter Project Girl's Clubs. God has given us a vision to reach girls between the ages of 8 and 15 with the empowering truth that their value is not their bodies, but the person of worth God has created them to be.



Brave Education Program

Our third project is the Brave Education Program. We started this project in a remote village where the children usually drop out of school between 4th and 6th grades. The reasons are three-fold; financial, violence, and lack of motivation.