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June 2018 Update
23 June 2018

June 2018 Update

Well, here we are in the thick of June…unbelievable!  How time passes when you are having fun!  As many of you know, this past year has been one of much travel, finding us in the United States for a 6- month furlough, and then, back and forth a couple of times for Kathy.  We found that our kids needed us with them this year for various reasons and we felt strongly that we needed to heed the call for our children’s sake.

Now, as we hit the ground running, we are getting up to speed with so many things.  We are grateful to be back and ready for what God has for us in this season.  Many of you know that at the beginning of the year, we were set to open our home for young men.  We felt that God was asking us to take a step of faith and dive in.  However, long story short, what God had for us was a learning experience…..again.  He makes no mistakes and we are content to learn through necessary, painful experiences. We found that a home for men will be much more challenging and complicated.  Through this hard experience we became aware of what we would have to do to be ready to open and operate a successful home for men.  We are grateful that the process was quick and not drawn out for years.  These valuable lessons will aid us in the future when God says, NOW. 

We have experienced many changes in our women’s home this year.  First biggie:  we moved!  In April, we re-located our women’s home, Hope House, just a few minutes away from our original location.  The reason being that the landlady’s daughter needed a place to live, as she and her family were experiencing financial difficulties.

                We are thankful for the home God has provided for us and are still settling in.  The house has a peaceful, beautiful garden off of the back patio.  However, we have discovered that we have a bit of a plague of small snakes.  The girls and the exterminator (who we pay to kill them….) say they are very poisonous, but, David’s extensive google research says that they are harmless.  Nevertheless, all the girls are terrified and don’t want to go outside to enjoy the garden!  They wear rainboots to walk into the grass to hang up their clothes on the line!  We are trying to figure out our options to get rid of them. We’ve hired an exterminator who comes once a month to spray a repellant/poison to kill them. Also, we’ve been told to crush heads of garlic and put them along the patio so they won’t come inside the house, which they have done, TWICE!  Both times they were killed by brave girls with a machete!  (Please come for a visit! 😉 )  See more pictures below.

The second change we have been transitioning through is our House Director, Judith, who to be with us full-time! She is ready and willing and doing a fantastic job!  We are very grateful for Judith, both the gifts God has given her, and her willing, servant heart.  All the girls in the home love Judith and think of her as a second mom.  She is doing a wonderful job discipling and leading our gals.  She is now in charge of all aspects of the home, including admin and finances.  Woo-hoo! 

Now, onto the best news:  this month we will welcome into the home two new residents!  Woo-hoo!  In May, we traveled back to the states with one goal in mind. Raise up support teams around two young women:  Alejandra and Lorena.  We received many positive responses from people and churches, and in faith that those responses will come through, we are moving forward with these two new candidates. 

We met with Ale and Lorena and their families two weeks ago to give them the exciting news, and to begin the process of their entrance into the Hope House Discipleship/Scholarship home.  To say they were excited would be a gross understatement!  How precious it was to see the joy and wonder when they realized that the dream they had believed was totally outside of possibility was coming to pass.   Both of these young women are lovely, strong, precious gals, and we are so excited to be able to be a part of their stories!  For our coming blog post, we will share their stories with you! Lorena

If you would like to be a part of Lorena or Alejandra’s support team please click on the donate button ant the top. If you’d like to find out more information about being a part of a support team,  click on the Contact Us and request information about them and we will be happy to send you the information.                                                                                                                                                                                       
























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