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Our Mission Statement

Encouraging families that are in need of hope and healing.  We are a Christ-centered foundation that offers opportunities for education, training, counseling and mentoring that will encourage healthy families and true transformation in lives. 

This is be accomplished by:

Offering opportunities for young people who are caught in the cycle of poverty, abuse and despair, to change the course of their lives.

Offering opportunities for education and job skills training to those who have been traditionally trapped in generational poverty.

Modeling a healthy, Christ-centered family.

Providing counseling with the goal of emotional and spiritual healing for those who have been scarred by abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Providing motivation and/or opportunities to complete elementary and/or high school education which will then give them the ability to continue on to pursue higher education through our scholarship program.

Providing a safe living environment.

Offering education and mentoring programs for young men and women.

Providing workshops and mentoring for encouraging responsibility, respect, and character growth.

Offering life skills training:  Cleaning, cooking, managing a home. 

                                                Health and Hygiene 

                                                Money management/Budgeting

Offering parenting classes to help parents raise their children in a caring and nurturing environment.


Pointing young people to Christ as the answer to all of life’s questions.

Sharing the love of Christ through one on one discipleship and Bible studies.

Focusing on true life-transformation through the power and work of the Holy Spirit.


Hope For Families | How we are 'doing' our Mission Statement

Hope for Families Foundation is a legal non-profit in the country of El Salvador, Central America. In a country that has recently ‘won’ the title of most dangerous country in the world, families are in great turmoil. Gang violence threatens the lives of young men and women every day. Each month we see an average of 600-700 murders, which exceeds the monthly death toll during it’s bloody civil war between 1980-1992. As a result of this culture of violence, and the pervasive machismo attitude here, El Salvador has become the most dangerous country in the world for women. God has given us a burden for the women and children of this country. Currently, Hope for Families Foundation, (Fundacion Esperanza para Las Familias) is working in three separate, but, connected projects as we strive to fulfill our mission statement.

About the Directors

David & Kathy Porter have been serving as missionaries since 2003.  They first served in Juarez, Mexico for about four years serving with a local ministry.  In 2007 they began with their church in Vancouver WA coming to El Salvador for short term mission trips and moved full time in January of 2010.

David and Kathy have five children and eight grandchildren (so far).